Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Whether the calendar agrees with me or not, I declare it summer.  These are my reasons why.

1) School is out in my neck of the woods.

2) My neighborhood pool is open.

3) The Farmers' Markets are open. 

4) Caprese salad with ingredients from aforementioned Farmers' Market.  Summer's lovely simplicity in a bowl. Yum!

5) It hit 90 degrees this week.

6) It has stopped raining daily.

7) It is strawberry picking time.

8) All of the people in my knitting group are doing open work or lace instead of blankets because "dear, it is just too hot."  I am knitting cute little hats for the same reason.  Watch for a blue one soon.

9) The summer concerts have started.

What makes it summer for you?

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