Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home building - Quite an adventure

As I mentioned in my last post, we are building a new home.  Something we never thought we would do, but we are enjoying it nonetheless. Pretty huh?  They tell me the dirt piles will be gone by spring and then maybe we'll have some plants too.  If everything goes well, we should be in the new home by mid-January.   

My child is mostly thrilled about the move because we know a lot of families who live very near the new place and now they are only a bike ride away instead of a 10 minute car ride.  We enjoy wandering through the new construction even with the dust everywhere just to see the changes.  There are some things about the house tours that make me a little nervous though.  Remember the child I mentioned, well this is what the hallway just outside the playroom. 
Terrifying isn't it?  Soon there will be a railing, but right now, nervous nellie mommy!  Never have I been so appreciative of trim carpenters!  Wish us luck.  Now back to knitting.