Monday, January 11, 2010


More work has been done on the house and the much awaited bannisters are in!  Munchkin may now tour the house freely.  No closing date yet but we are getting close.  I'm so ready to live out of drawers and cupboards instead of boxes and to have some semblance of order.  Sure our house is clean and gorgeous for showings but papers have a way of disappearing when I have to keep putting them somewhere "safe."

I'm now also dabbling in bead work for my Etsy store.  I currently have 2 sets of prayer beads for sale in my store and more to come very soon.  This is something I stumbled across a few years ago and shared with the women at my church recently.  They are fun and thought provoking to make and they are peaceful things to have in your life.  I've very excited about these and even if no one buys them, I hope to spread the word about them and encourage more people to make their own to use in their own prayers.

In addition to the prayer beads, I've been knitting like crazy, especially for Christmas.  In 10 days I knit 6 scarves and a purse.  They came out wonderfully but unfortunately there are no pictures since I gave them all away before photographing them.  Rookie mistake. 

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